Sunday, July 23, 2017

Admission Information

It was the intent of our governing authority from the beginning to not exclude any veteran the opportunity for admission to the West Virginia Veterans Nursing Facility based on financial reasons.  We charge 65% of the veterans monthly income up to $2,600/month for his or her stay.  There is an additional fee  of $250/month for a private room.  The veteran has the option not to disclose any financial information and pay the monthly maximum.  Some veterans may qualify for a partial or complete hardship exception especially if there is a community spouse who needs the veterans monthly income to subsist.

Please see our Eligibility Requirements statement below for non-financial reasons that the veteran may be denied admission to our facility.


1.    The following veterans shall be eligible for admission to the WVVNF:

a.     Veterans who have served on active duty or performed active service in a reserve component of the armed forces for a period of at least 12 consecutive months; or who have been medically discharged for a service connected injury prior to 12 months service.  Veterans who enlisted after Sept. 7, 1980 must have served 24 continuous months or the full period for which they were called to active duty unless they were medically discharged for a service connected injury prior to 24 months service.

b.    Veterans whose discharge status from military service is under honorable conditions

c.     Veterans who have continuously been a citizen of the state of West Virginia for 30 days immediately prior to application to the WVVNF or who was a resident of West Virginia at the time they initially entered active military service.

d.    Veterans who are physically unable to maintain themselves in their own home by reason of age, disability or disease and meet the criteria for intermediate or skilled nursing care under Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

e.    Non-veteran spouses may be considered for admission ONLY when the veteran's nursing facility capacity is greater than 75% of the total licensed beds and when there are no veterans awaiting admission on the interest list.          

2.    The WVVNF shall not admit any applicant who requires treatment primarily for mental retardation, mental illness, or substance abuse, or who has a documented history of physical violence and/or disciplinary problems, or whose needs cannot be met by the facility. As a matter of clarity, prospective residents with Alzheimer's disease or dementia are eligible for consideration.

3.       The West Virginia Veterans State Nursing Home is a smoke-free facility. All veterans must agree not to smoke anywhere on facility grounds.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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